Speed Ball Rules


If the ball reaches the lower end of the spiral, the match ends when a player wins three games. On the way of his improving the equipments of the game several steps were taken till he reached the present specifications of the Sport these were:
  • The Racket: It passed in the following steps of development:
  • Regular tennis racket, was long.
  • Short tennis racket, was quick.
  • Wooden racket, was heavy.
  • And then he designed a special wooden racket with holes to reduce its weight and reduce the air resistance but it was coasty and not suitable for mass production.
  • Finally he reached the current (polyamide) plastic racket, this final racket design got the USApatent in 1985.
  • The Pulley: Started with a metal spiral (Beach-ball and Turning-ball) then a metal pulley and finally the plastic pulley (Speedball).
  • The Ball: Started with a Tennis ball attached to a thin 1.4mm thick nylon thread, now a specially designed more durable ball made of one piece of rubber (Kawitchouk), the nylon thread became 1.8 mm thick. The new ball design eliminated the line of intersection between the two halves in the previous tennis ball so it became more durable, this ball got the USA patent in 1981.
  • The name of the sport: Beach-ball (1960-1961), Turning-ball (1962) and finally Speedball for which Mr.Lotfy obtained the USA patent in 1973.